How to Enroll / Pay Tuition



Before you begin enrolling, please be sure to visit the Course Information section of our website to learn more about our courses, including:

- course descriptions

- number of semesters

- courseware providers

- when the course was last updated

- cost per semester

- if the course is NCAA approved

- prerequisites

- required materials

- etc.

Once you are ready, you can enroll in three easy steps.

Step 1:

Step 2:



Courseware Provider (Abbreviation)



Contact Information for Parents/Guardians


Contact Information for School Districts


Apex Learning




Sarah Priest




Aventa/K12/Fuel Education



AV payment link for parents


Chandra Boyd




Connections Learning



CL payment link for parents


Rick Casciero



ecampus/North Kansas City Schools Online Learning



NKC payment link for parents


Marla Walker






Please complete this PDF and email it to



Susan Powell

877-202-0338 ext. 1112



Florida Virtual School Global (FLVS)


Please complete this PDF and email it to or fax to 866-422-7259



Eric Crabbendam




Mizzou K12 Online



MIZ payment link for parents


SE Webinar



SE payment link for parents


Trent Vu




Please note:  Elementary foreign language courses from Aventa/K12/Fuel Education are not on their payment portal. Please contact Beth Heidenreich at 571-392-2674 to enroll.

Step 3: